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Projects can be done more quickly with higher quality without costing more!

The evolution of programming languages and software development tools have greatly improved the productivity of the programmers in typical projects, but specification and testing activities are often stuck in the dark ages.   Combined properly, new Lean and Agile methodologies together with improved automation and better communication can give you projects that are faster and better.  Faster work is cheaper and and less rework is even cheaper.

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Tomo Lennox
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Lean Practices are the next revolution in Engineering

From its origins in the Japanese auto industry Lean practices are evolving into engineering practices, resulting in faster delivery and lower cost.  Focusing on eliminating waste, these practices improve efficiency without requiring a decrease in quality.  

Have you ever produced a hundred page specification that nobody ever read?  Have you ever waited months for approval after submitting a project plan?  Have you ever had to redesign after a significant change in requirements?  These are examples of the kind of waste the Lean movement works to eliminate.   Look at the Poppendieck site to see the latest developments:   Poppendieck LLC.

It is not the strongest species that survives, not the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.


Charles Darwin