Bulleted List

  • You get more ideas when you have more ideas alreay developed.  Combining existing ideas can leasd to a new idea.
  • Close to chaors - If you think along current lines of thought, and use current methods, your idea will not come out being very new.  If you are seriously considering wild ideas, you may be the first to consider something noboby has thouht of before.  You can add random "noise" to a process, to keep it from falling into the same rut as all previous processes.
  • Critical Mass - It is rare for individuals to make breakthroughts.  It is much easier to build on the ideas of others.   When you get a lot of createtive people togehter, hot odeas fly, and get mutated to server new purposes.
  • Collect and organize hot ideas - new ideas can start from a combinition of other ideas, but you have to find them to connect them.